Shift Bioscience Vacancy: Computational biologist


Why Shift Bioscience? At Shift, you!ll be joining a high performing and fast-moving team whose mission is to deliver the first drugs for safe cellular rejuvenation, enabling mitigation of chronic diseases in the sick, and prime of life-span extension in the healthy. We value ability and results and have a meritocratic culture, and work to reinforce the following values; openness, freedom, focus, representation and collaboration.

What will you do? Your role will contribute to one of the two core scientific capabilities at Shift Bioscience: machine learning (ML) model development and wet-lab validation. You will work closely with ML scientist Lucas Camillo to process and interpret biological data from different “-omic” layers. This will include the mixture of standard and bespoke sequencing and analysis techniques that form our active machine learning platform. You will maintain the current version of the platform, and help to develop future iterations, meaning that a strong background in statistics and modelling of biological data is required. An important part of your role will be to communicate with the rest of the team: you will work collaboratively with our lab scientists to improve experimental design and generate data of the highest possible quality. You’ll then work with the whole team to interpret and explore the data. Your success in this role will accelerate the identification and validation of safe rejuvenation targets for further investigation. You will report directly to Brendan Swain, our CSO.

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