Podcast: BioInnovation Spotlight @ LifeScience ORG


The ageing process afflicts all of us and is the underlying cause of many diseases, creating a significant social and economic impact. Despite humanity's increased longevity in recent decades, the quality of life in our twilight years does not often match up.

Dr Daniel Ives is the CEO of Shift Bioscience, based at the Babraham Research Campus in Cambridge, UK. They have identified a list of genes involved in the ageing process and seek to reinstate cellular functional states that support us in earlier life.

By targeting stressors and pathways linked to the abrupt bioenergetic, epigenetic and transcriptional state changes observed in aging cells and tissues, Shift aims to modulate these changes with small molecules, guided by powerful technologies including the epigenetic aging clock.

In this episode of BioInnovation Spotlight @ LifeScience ORG Daniel talk about the motivations behind his research and the age-related conditions it may help.

Listen to the episode here