Accelerate@Babraham alumni, Shift Bioscience is hiring!


The longevity biotech company using machine learning to develop therapeutics for safe cellular reprogramming has three open positions. Explore them here and find out more about Shift Bioscience below:

In 2017 Shift Bioscience was founded with backing from Cambridge angel Jonathan Milner, initially to commercialise mitochondrial drugs for age linked diseases. Shift quickly embraced a breakthrough ageing biomarker - DNA methylation or epigenetic ageing clocks. With help from Wolf Reik and his mouse epigenetic ageing clock, we unexpectedly revealed a weak linkage between mitochondrial DNA mutations and physiological ageing, pivoting Shift to a first-principles approach to drug-target discovery for ageing and rejuvenation.

Shift went on to develop an accurate single cell ageing clock, by applying machine learning to gene expression data. This enabled a CRISPR screen for ageing, but more excitingly, the constituent genes making up the clock were enriched for functional 'drivers' of ageing phenotypes, suggesting a ‘causal or 'driver' clock methodology. This methodology was then applied to a powerful but dangerous cellular rejuvenation paradigm (cell reprogramming with pluripotent factors OSKM) identifying drug targets candidates for safe rejuvenation), which Shift is now validating. Find out more here. During a lab tour and interview this month with Eleanor Sheekey, CEO Daniel Ives emphasised: “If you’re smart and you’re interested about this, get involved as soon as possible.” You can view the full interview here.