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We’ve all got to start somewhere… We recognise that one of the best ways to ensure the continued growth and success of the UK life science sector is to provide an encouraging and supportive environment within which our very early-stage ventures can stress test their science and business ideas. A good cohort isn’t just about great science – it’s about people, making connections and a shared bond centred around wanting to make a difference. For this reason, our cohorts are always a varied bunch with differing levels of life and work experience. The 2020/21 cohort is no exception! Meet them here…


A new novel technology platform for the production of low-cost glycoconjugate vaccines against several bacteria affecting poultry, pigs and ruminants.

“With Accelerate@Babraham, you are actively pitching every single month, several times, so your pitch is constantly evolving. You are getting that critical point of view from investors while starting to create a list of potential funders. You begin to understand their perspective and that’s been really eye-opening for us.”

Jon Cuccui, ArkVax on being put in front of mentors, angel investors and VC funds, which Jon cites as being one of the most enjoyable and revelatory parts of Accelerate@Babraham.

In Their Own Words

Eye-opening lessons on angel investors and VC funds

Read our interview with Dr Jolyon Martin, co-founder and head of business development at PetMedix, and Dr Jon Cuccui, co-founder of ArkVax, part of the current Accelerate@Babraham cohort on the value of making the right connections.

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Reducing the uncertainty involved in treating cancer and developing novel cancer therapeutics.

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“Financial models, legals and appearing credible to investors with a cohesive story used to keep me up at night! Being able to just talk to Nicholas when I had worries was really useful in helping me to build confidence instead of assessing the scope of my ignorance across vast areas, because when you are starting up a company you can’t possibly know everything that you need to know and do.”

ConcR’s CTO, Matthew Griffiths, on the tangible value of a trusted mentor/mentee relationship.

In Their Own Words

Solving the challenges which keep you up at night

Explore the benefits of a tailored mentoring programme with the CTO of Accelerate@Babraham start-up ConcR, Matthew Griffiths, and Nicholas Stern from Cambridge Partners.

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Paediatric HealthTech

Aiming to positively change the development, learning and life chances of children with hearing loss.

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“Because of all the support we’ve received, it looks like we will be able to trial our product in countries without robust health care systems. There is also a PhD student who wants to base his studies on it. Things are happening! I now have a completely different view of how I can move forward, and the business mentoring from Marco (Cerato) has helped me to get there”.

Tamsin Holland-Brown, Founder, Paediatric HealthTech on the value of 1-2-1 mentoring and the confidence it gave her to challenge her thinking.

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The mutual benefit of big pharma mentoring healthcare start-ups

Personalised guidance and support was a key factor in helping Tamsin challenge, and at times, re-think her direction. We explored what made the partnership between Tamsin, and her mentor Marco Cerato, who at the time of interview was Senior Vice President Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, at global healthcare company Mundipharma, such a success.

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Stroma Biosciences

A pre-clinical target and drug discovery venture focused on the tumour microenvironment.

“Cambridge is incredible and has amazing people; there is so much knowledge and eagerness. And that’s the spirit of Accelerate@Babraham, getting you plugged into that network.”

Dr Ingo Ringshausen, Stroma Biosciences commenting on the combined value of the Cambridge cluster network that Accelerate@Babraham brings to life for start-ups.

In Their Own Words

Spinouts, scientific synergies and old friends

At the 2020/21 programme drew to a close, we caught up with Ingo, his co-founder Eugene Park, and their personal mentor Neil Torbett from Phoremost to discuss the tangible value of mentoring and their serendipitous partnership.

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