2021/2022 Cohort


We’ve all got to start somewhere… We recognise that one of the best ways to ensure the continued growth and success of the UK life science sector is to provide an encouraging and supportive environment within which our very early-stage ventures can stress test their science and business ideas. A good cohort isn’t just about great science – it’s about people, making connections and a shared bond centred around wanting to make a difference. For this reason, our cohorts are always a varied bunch with differing levels of life and work experience. The 2021/2022 cohort was no exception! Meet them here…

Mosaic Therapeutics

A cancer drug discovery company from the Wellcome Genome Campus, disrupting the traditional way of treating cancers.

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Neobe Therapeutics

A Deep Science Ventures company engineering biologics to overcome immunologically “cold” tumours.

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An antibody solutions company aiming to create a second generation of antibody-based medicines.

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A University of Cambridge spinout specialising in the manufacture of collagen based medical devices.

Medusa Pharmaceuticals

An Imperial College London spinout combatting antimicrobial resistance.

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